A gathering of items that will help the quality of life for folding origami. This includes my recommendation of display stands, shaping tools, lights, cameras, and much more. Also check out the sponsored product section for some spicy extras that I personally recommend.

Legal Disclaimer: Many of these links are affiliate marketing links. This means that at no extra cost to you, I will receive a small commission per sale used by these links.

Sponsored Products

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Coldest Water Bottle
By far the best Water bottle that I have ever owned. It fits 99% of Cup holders, allows for one handed drinking, and up to 36+ Hours Cold! Never worry about your drink getting warm on you again! I seriously love this bottle and huge shoutout to Coldest for sponsoring me. Because of this, enjoy 10% off your entire order by using Promo Code: " boice "
Price: $29.99

Displaying Origami

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Premium Display Stands
High quality and beautiful display stands. Lots of parts to customize the stand to the size of the model. Perfect for conventions and photographing finished origami.
Price: $17 ($6 each)
Bulk Display Stands
A cheaper option that works great to display all sorts of folds. There are occasionally extra bits of plastic that need to be trimmed off for parts to fit, but it is a good value buy.
Price: $27 ($2.7 each)
Display Lights
Aesthetic Tube lights that can be powered by a Portable charger. I used these in my exhibition at the OrigamiUSA 2023 Convention.
Price: $21
Portable Charger
The power bank/charger that I used for the display lights in my exhibition. This charger can charge both lights if you have at least one usb-A to usb-C cord to use. It can keep the lights lit for 8+ hours
Price: $32
Floating Shelves
These floating shelves are one of the most aesthetic ways to display origami in a room while being easy to set up and portable. I had set up my whole room for years with these and you might have seen them quite a few times as the backdrop for my videos.
Price: $TBD
Command Strips
One of the easiest and safest ways to mount floating shelves. I was in student apartments for the past five years and used these to safely display and move shelves for years at a time. Because they are Velcro, the hold is very strong yet still easy to remove. I recommend cutting them in half to double the amount of strips and apply it to as much of the frame as possible.
Price: $22.00 for 34 Pairs