OBB Competition III

Welcome to the OBB Competition III.
The challenge is a beautiful Origami Dragon designed by Francesco Massimo.
This dragon has fantastic color change, large wings, and tons of room for a creative approach. What will you do to make your dragon fold rise above the rest?

There will be one winner chosen by a panel of judges
who will receive a prize worth $50

To enter, purchase the Dragon Diagram and
and fill out the form below.

*Proceeds go to the Judges and future prizes

OBB Comp III Sign Up Form

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Digital Book of your choosing
from Origami-Shop.com + Unknown Prize
($50 value)


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Francesco Massimo

Max Christ

Matthew Dunstan


- You will have until August 31st to fold and shape the Origami to the best of your abilities
- Submit on Instagram using the hashtag #obbdotdesign Minimum 3 photos of different angles. Maximum 10 photos (Instagram Limit per single post)
- The Judges will score your folds and the highest scoring fold will win
- All participant scores will be kept on a leaderboard to track for future competitions
- Glue and MC allowed for shaping
- Painting paper is ok but not after folding
- No cuts
- Distributing or posting diagrams will result in disqualification and perma-ban
- Joining the competition is an acceptance of terms and conditions.
- If you are under age 18, parental consent is required


Folds will be judged on various categories from a scale of 1-10. The categories are also weighed towards your final score separately to make folding more competitive. Judging will take place September 1-14th


-Execution: 35% (How well you fold the model, no extra creases, no blatant mistakes) (Legs: 8%, Wings 10%, Body: 7%, Head: 10%).
-Shaping: 50% (How well the model is finished, Creativity, proper proportions, purposeful pose, emotional response)
-Presentation: 15% (Photography, display, background, paint, paper choice, textures)


Judging sheet
Judging sheet
Judging sheet