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An organized set of papers that I recommend for all levels of folders. Prices listed are just approximates, click the images to see more details!

Note to International Folders: Check out for many of these papers as well as take the quiz to find papers in your country!

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Paper for Beginner Folders

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Toyo Paper 15x15cm
The best value 15cm Origami Paper (Kami). This pack includes 100 sheets of durable, thin paper. I have made some intermediate models with this size and it is perfect for casual folding. This links to a red color but there are many many colors to choose from. (60 gsm)
Price: $6/pack
Toyo Foil 15x15cm
Have you ever wanted just those two free foil sheets in the back of a normal Kami pack? Well how about 100! I carry a pack of this in my backpack everywhere. Its so satisfying to fold with and very thin foil. (60 gsm)
Price: $10/pack
Origami Paper 25x25cm
My go-to for more complex folds. The paper that derived the Kami-Kamiya Challenge. It is very impressive how much this paper can hold up! Definitely a great paper for beginners to use when trying more advanced models! (60 gsm)
Price: $15/pack

Paper for Intermediate Folders

Origami Paper 35x35cm
Taro's Origami Studio is a New York based Origami Store. They have imported Origami Paper from Japan! This raises the price a bit but is a good option for bulk 35x35cm paper. You are also supporting Taro's! (60 gsm)
Price: $20/pack
Washi Deluxe
One of my favorite papers and the most satisfying to use. The matte + metallic color combinations make for spectacular color changed models. While the paper is a crumple paper, it is possible to fold complex models with this. (50-90 gsm)
Price: $3-6/sheet
Tissue/Terry Foil
Normally I would never recommend tissue foil, however, it has its purposes. This paper shines in intermediate models but is horrible for any box pleat or complex model unless you are very experienced with it. This paper is great for people learning how to shape models more dynamically. (40 gsm)
Price: $2-5/sheet
Alios Kraft
Alios Kraft is a favorite amongst folders. It is primarily best used for test folding but can be adapted to help people start folding more advanced models. It is not aesthetically pleasing but has great properties and is very thin. Learning to read crease patterns? Pick up this paper for BP insects for sure. (15-50gsm)
Price: $10/pack

Paper for Complex Folders

Hanji Roll 54x2000 cm
Thin and perfect for both boxpleat and 22.5 models. This paper requires treating but is very durable and makes it easy to work out airbubbles. (25 gsm)
Price: $36/roll
Thai Unryu
My favorite paper to fold my samurai designs with. If you want to fold my Samurai, this is 100% the paper you should use. It needs to be treated but is very strong. This paper is also one of the most affordable complex papers. Buy 10 and get it even cheaper. (25 gsm)
Price: $2.3-2.7/sheet
Tissue/Double Tissue
Check out the Paper Treating Kit to learn everything you need to make this paper! Linked is a pack of multicolored tissue paper, but feel free to try any color you want! (20-30 gsm)
Price: $5-10/pack
Legion Paper: Mulberry
This mulberry paper does not have uneven and long fibers like most other mulberries do. Instead, it is slightly thicker, but compresses very well with MC treatments and during shaping. It is fantastic to fold with and one of my favorites for humanoid designs. (45gsm)

Paper for Super Complex Folders

Ultra Thin Unryu
Featured Model: Scutigera by Jacob S.
Stronger, Larger, and Thinner than single tissue, this is an ultimate paper for super complex insects. While the origami models that would actually benefit from using this paper is rare, it is a notable and reasonably affordable option. (10 gsm)
Price: $3/sheet
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Hiromi Kozo Mix
Hiromi's Kozo Mix paper is a good substitute for Wenzhou Rice paper since it is sold out at retail price in the USA. It is just as advanced as wenzhou and shares almost the exact same properties during folding and shaping. There are both 68cm and 96cm sized rolls. While the roll is expensive, it is great value for what you get. (26 gsm)
Price: $36-44/roll
The King of all Origami Papers. From the legendary minds of Michael LaFosse and Richard Alexander, this paper boast an amazing thickness to strength ratio and is used by Origami Masters around the world. I've folded with this paper once and it was one of my favorite experiences. Notoriously pricey but worth every cent. (10-40gsm)
Price: $15/sheet
The Queen of all Origami Papers. Designed by non-profit organization Paper Circle, O-gami was specifically made for origami. This is my favorite elite paper and it is useful for all complex-super complex models. O-gami does not need to be treated, yet is still so thin, crispy, and larger than Origamidō. This is every folders dream paper. (20-60gsm)
Price: $20/sheet