Dragon Knight

48x48 Grid Box Pleat
Complex Humanoid Design
Paper Size: 55cm+
Estimated Time Folding: 6-8 hours
Estimated Time Shaping: 4 hours

Dragon Knight Crease Pattern 48x48 Grid
Paper Recommendations
Wenzhou Rice
A Tad bit overkill for this design, however, you will have a very satisfying folding and shaping experience. The main advantage using this over Unryu would be its resistive nature and clean finish for details in the helmet and chest plate. Shape this paper with soft amounts of white glue. MC may warp the paper if it is too watery. (30 gsm)
Price: $40/roll
Thai Unryu
Just as it is amazing for the Samurai V3, this is the Chosen One for the Dragon Knight. Large, cheap, and extremely durable, this paper is perfect for shaping the dragon knight into its final form. I advise shaping this with thick MC mixtures or soft amounts of white glue. There are so many beautiful colors of Unryu. My favorite colors for this design are listed below. (25 gsm)
Price: $2.3-2.7/sheet
Black Unryu
Cream Unryu
Taupe Unryu
Aubergine Unryu