Regulator - 32x32 Grid with partial 64ths & 128ths

Quite a mess of a design. The chest armor shifts up from 32nd divisions to 16ths, the head and boots are 64ths, and the pistols are 128ths. The use of such partials leads to a great amount of efficiency and low layer thickness. There is enough room that the middle flaps can be turned into a sword to close the back of the model. For those who choose to fold this model, try the pistols+hand+arm area with a 24x24 grid first before folding. The pistol sequence comes from just a corner flap but the shifters flip the grid to form the trigger in the correct location. There will be a tutorial for just the pistol but not the whole model. Despite being very complex, the gridding and precreasing will take you less time than folding a regular 64x64 grid [I think]. Use no smaller than 1x1m paper, or face consequences lol.

October 19, 2021