Boice's Multiple Wheels (for legal reasons)
48x48 Grid Box Pleat
Complex Vehicle Design
Paper Size: 50cm+
Estimated Time Folding: 4-5 hours
Estimated Time Shaping: 2 hours

OBB BMW Precrease Diagrams
For the best results, you should not precrease the entire 48x48 grid. This makes folding the model quite a bit more difficult but it is worth it. To ease you in this process, I have made precreasing diagrams for you to use.
BMW Diagram
OBB BMW Crease Pattern
Paper Recommendations
Double Tissue
Make sure that one side has color and the other is black or whatever color you would like the tires to be.
Double tissue offers the intended thickness for the pleated portions of the model while still providing enough structure to hold shape.
(25 gsm)
Price: $6/sheet